Ryan Reynolds reveals his role in Wrexham transfer strategy

Wrexham co-owner Ryan Reynolds has said he plays a role in all potential incoming transfers at the club, saying he speaks to all prospective signings and offers support outside of football.

The Hollywood actor, who has owned Wrexham since November 2020 alongside fellow actor and business partner Rob McElhenney, said they promise to support players outside of the pitch.

“We instill a belief in their ability and back them in terms of whatever it is they want to do outside of football because that’s just as important,” Reynolds told Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand.

The Hollywood owners have helped guide the Welsh side to two promotions from the National League to League One during their time at the club.

Along with the celebrity status, Wrexham have drawn players whose talents have, on occasion, been above the division they arrived in.

When asked how Wrexham recruit such talents, Reynolds said: “It sounds surprising, ridiculous, but it’s all just leading with honesty. I talk to every single potential signing that we have.

“Like, what is your plan, do you have a family, a brand? These are the things that are increasingly important in 2024.”

“You just want them to feel like you have their back and that you were setting them up to win.”

Wrexham forward Ollie Palmer has previously praised Reynolds and McElhenney for helping to promote his personal clothing brand, WXM clothing.


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