Heinrich Klaasen on New York pitch in T20 World Cup 2024: Batters need to suck it up

“At the IPL, no one really complained about 270 plays 270. Now the bowlers are getting conditions a little bit more in their favour, so I think it’s just getting the balance right,” Klaasen said from New York, where South Africa will play three of their four group matches. “The batters need to suck it up as well. It’s not always going to be a 200 wicket, and you have to play a little bit smarter cricket to get over the line. We don’t mind if the bowlers got something in it; that makes some good entertaining cricket and you have to use your cricket brain a little bit. It’s just getting the balance right, too flat and too bowler-friendly. That’s obviously why the groundsman gets paid the big bucks.”


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