Late Night Mulls Biden’s Decision to Stay in the Race

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President Biden has doubled down on his decision to seek re-election, defying critics who want him to step aside after his poor showing in the first debate with Donald Trump.

On Monday, Jimmy Fallon joked that if Biden refused to drop out, Democrats planned “to tie a bunch of balloons to the White House and hope he flies away like the old guy from ‘Up.’”

“It’s either that or put a bunch of Werther’s on the ground and lure him out like E.T.” — JIMMY FALLON

“To keep his energy up, Biden told the group that he now plans to stop planning events after 8 p.m. Eight p.m.? So the White House dinners are all going to be early-bird specials?” — STEPHEN COLBERT

The author and journalist A.J. Jacobs sat down with Jon Stewart to discuss his new book, “The Year of Living Constitutionally” on Monday’s “Daily Show.”

The tennis legend Serena Williams will appear on Tuesday’s “Late Show.”


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