Longest Baseball Games in MLB History

Baseball games can sometimes stretch on longer than expected, going beyond the usual nine innings. One, two, or even three extra innings are nothing out of the ordinary. However, there have been some major league matchups that keep going and going, captivating fans with their unpredictability and endurance. Let’s take a closer look at some of the longest games in MLB history.

Longest Games in MLB History

Here’s a list of the longest games played, by number of innings, in Major League history since 1900:

  • No. 1: 26 innings: Brooklyn Robins v. Boston Braves (1920)
  • No. 2 (tie): 25 innings: Chicago White Sox v. Milwaukee Brewers (1984)
  • No. 2 (tie): 25 innings: St. Louis Cardinals v. New York Mets (1974)
  • No. 4 (tie): 24 innings: Houston Astros v. New York Mets (1968)
  • No. 4 (tie): 24 innings: Detroit Tigers v. Philadelphia Athletics (1945)
  • No. 4 (tie): 24 innings: Philadelphia Athletics v. Boston Americans (1906)
  • No. 7 (tie): 23 innings: San Francisco Giants v. New York Mets (1964)
  • No. 7 (tie): 23 innings: Brooklyn Dodgers v. Boston Bees (1939)

There have only been eight Major League games with a length of 23 innings or longer. However, there have been nine games that have lasted exactly 22 innings:

  • Colorado Rockies v. San Diego Padres (2008)
  • Minnesota Twins v. Cleveland Indians (1993)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers v. Montreal Expos (1989)
  • Houston Astros v. Los Angeles Dodgers (1989)
  • Milwaukee Brewers v. Minnesota Twins (1972)
  • Washington Senators v. Chicago White Sox (1967)
  • New York Yankees v. Detroit Tigers (1962)
  • Chicago Cubs v. Boston Braves (1927)
  • Brooklyn Robins v. Pittsburgh Pirates (1917)

What is the longest game in MLB history?

The longest game in MLB history was between the Brooklyn Robins and the Boston Braves in 1920. It lasted 26 innings. 

What is the longest professional baseball game ever?

The longest professional baseball game ever occurred between two teams from the Triple-A International League. The game was between the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Rochester Red Wings in 1981. It lasted for 33 innings and spanned three days.

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